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About Pony Club

Brimington Equestrian Centre is a registered Pony Club Centre so why not come along and join us!

 Being a member of the Pony Club enables you to take many of the Badges and Tests that are available through the Pony Club. Badges and Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the tests.

We also have Pony Club Badge Days and many other Pony Club activities during the school holidays.

We hold a rally every Monday evening from 5 until 7 for our younger members and from 6 until 8 for those with more experience. Lots of activities take place and a wide variety of ‘horsey’ subjects are learned and practiced. There is a  riding group every week.

Everyone has lots of fun!

Cost = See lesson price list. A separate fee must also be paid to the Pony Club for full membership. Forms can be obtained from us.